About the Author

May name is James Abuti and I am a proud owner of 3 Siberian Huskies – Laika, Nova, and Leki. I have been parenting Laika and Nova since 2017 till we got 4 beautiful puppies from whom I remained with Leki and gave the others 3 puppies to my friends, who are also Husky lovers.

I love sharing everything that I learn and discover from these 3 Angles with my readers – to make Husky parenting seamless making Husky Empire your number one stop for Huskies related information.

My Story

Before I became a Husky lover, my first real job was a Full Stack Developer. I can confidently say I know too much about it because it was part of my course work in college. My first job in this position was to develop an eCommerce website from scratch for a networking and ISP company called FonFun Networks.

I started freelance web development services locally after my contract ran out then I realized I could earn more with Upwork.com and Fiverr.com.

After a couple of failed dev projects, I started freelance writing. This is when I met Jaryd Koeningsmann, my Australian client who owns the largest dog website in Australia – which literally brings in over 2 Million visitors a year – Pups4Sale. I wrote a few articles for the site before I became the content manager for the business.

I was incharge of hiring, assigning content to writers, editing and publishing content for the site. Afterwards, I started Husky Empire as a place to share my experiences with Siberian Huskies.

Today, I have learned a lot about these wolve-like dog breeds and documented several articles about Huskies.

The Vission

I am keen about making this site to be the number one online Husky dog directory.

I want to make it the number one stop for connecting reputable Husky breeders and rescue organisations with people looking to add an Old, Adult, or a Puppy Husky to their homes. It will never be such simpler to find a furry friend who fits into your lifestyle.

My goal is to help everyone find the perfect dog.