How to keep your husky smelling good? 7 Ways

How to keep your husky smelling good

Wondering, How can I make my Siberian Husky Smell Good? Siberian Huskies are a very popular breed due to their distinctively white fur and long, straight double coat. They also make great companions for the active family! But if your Siberian Husky needs to be kept inside, it can be hard to keep them smelling … Read more

How Do Huskies Stay Warm?

How Do Huskies Stay Warm

In this composition, we’ll try to figure out can Huskies live in warm rainfall. So if you have a Husky in your house and live in warm rainfall also you must be concerned about your Husky. If that’s the case also you must be asking yourself whether your Husky likes any climate except deep freeze. … Read more

Do Huskies Get Cold? +How to Prevent it?

Do Huskies Get Cold

Most of the time, you can see a husky on a walk and not even realize that they have just been outside for 10 or more minutes.  A lot of times, huskies that are left out in low temperatures and snowstorms are more than uncomfortable.  You see, when they are cold, they can become hypothermic. … Read more

Can Huskies Swim? Do They like to Swim?

Can Huskies Swim Do They like to Swim

If you are wondering, “Can Huskies swim?” then you probably want to learn more about this commonly asked question.  Huskies can, in fact, swim, though not to the same extent as other breeds of dogs.  In order to properly understand whether or not a Husky could swim, it is important to first understand what kind … Read more

Why Do Huskies Like to Cuddle?

Why Do Huskies Like to Cuddle?

Huskies are loyal companion dogs. I’ve come across people who like the appearance of this breed but were somehow pessimistic of getting them owing to their affiliation with the wolves.  Although the dogs are more like wolves in appearance, they are known to have affection towards their human owners. As a parent of three paw-some … Read more

Why Doesn’t My Husky Want To Walk?

The question that’s probably bugging your mind right now is “why doesn’t my husky want to walk?” There are several explanations that could help you understand this behavior. It could be in pain or doesn’t want to leave home, stress and anxiety, wrong training strategy, or weariness among others.   By the end of this post, … Read more